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Hey Lions Fan, We Have

3 Easy Steps

For You to Help Raise Money for Morrill Elementary School!


How Can You Start Helping Morrill Elementary School?

Imagine if making a positive impact on Morrill Elementary School was as simple as buying your new favorite T-shirt. QwirkyGear makes it that simple! Follow the steps below and earn an impressive 20% of each sale for Morrill Elementary School.

Create Your Morrill Elementary School's Own Personalized Spiritstore

Get setup in minutes with our easy to use QwirkyGear Spiritstore Setup Wizard.

Once the Morrill Elementary School Spiritstore setup is complete we will fill your store with designs that focus on building community around school activities. And not just sports. We provide a little bit of something for everyone. Each carefully crafted design in our collections includes design variants for all kinds of parents, students, alumni and fans. For example:

  • Are you a parent with a kid who plays trombone in the marching band? We have designs for that.
  • Are you an alumni who played football when you were in school? We have designs for that.
  • Are you a rabid baseball fan who loves collecting Lions gear? We have designs for that.

Share Your Store on on Your Favorite Social Media

We know you want Morrill Elementary School to be a success. Do your part by sharing your purchase and the Morrill Elementary School Spiritstore link with friends and family on your favorite social media platform. We make that simple too by providing easy to use links, graphics and code snippets.


A Check is Sent Directly to Your Morrill Elementary School.

That's right! Your Morrill Elementary School gets a check for 20% of the total of all good sold. That's real money your school can use for real projects!


Every Feature You Could Ever Want. No Extra Charge!

FREE High Quality Designs

Not a professional designer? We got you covered. QwirkyGear provides you with collections of designs customized for Morrill Elementary School that you can depend upon to bring in the sales. Plus, we are constantly adding new design to keep things fresh!

Take A Peek At The Goods!
Design Example 1
Design Example 2

FREE Promotional Graphics

Effective promotion is crucial to the success of any fundraiser. And while QwirkyGear can't promote your Spiritstore directly to your fans and supporters we CAN do the next best thing! QwirkyGear provides you with the creative, ready-to-post graphics you need to promote your Spiritstore yourself, as well as simple easy-to-use instructions for how to use them.

Begin Promoting Like A Pro!
Email Promotional Image 1
Email Promotional Image 2

FREE Sales Reports

Information is king! QwirkyGear provides every Spiritstore manager with access to detailed sales reports and easy to understand charts and graphs to help you stay on top of your fundraiser.

Start Letting The Info Flow!
Sales History
Current Sales

FREE Progress Charts

Visual feedback is a great way to motivate the troops. Your Morrill Elementary School Spiritstores will provide it with frequently updated progress charts right there on the Morrill Elementary School Spiritstore homepage.

Begin Firing Up Your School!
Fundraising Reports
Fundraising Charts

FREE Fundraising System

Everyone needs a little help sometimes. We keep you fully supported with detailed instructions, Quick Start Guides and How Tos all written in a way that makes it easy to understand so you can get back to what you do best!

Start Getting Organized!

Plus These Added Benefits


QwirkyGear Doesn't Nickle & Dime You to Death with all Kinds of Extra Charges.

We keep it simple as possible. Create your QwirkyGear Spiritstore in 3 Easy Steps. We fill your store with a ton of awesome designs for FREE. Then you get a check for 20% for each sale.

No Credit Card. No Commitments. Period.

Start Earning Now!

Sorting and Distributing Items for a Fundraiser is a Huge Headache. It doesn't Have to Be That Way.

Having a QwirkyGear Spiritstores frees you from all that. No more tracking people down to get their orders and payment. We handle payment and package and deliver each item directly to each customer.

Problem solved!

Eliminate Your Headaches!

Order One or Order a Thousand. Your QwirkyGear Spiritstore Gives You The Flexibilty You Need.

Our State of the Art System eliminates unneccessary limits. Whether you are a big school, small school or home school we can scale to handle your needs.

No Limits!

Remove Your Limits!

There Will Always That Group of People That Struggle With Deadlines. Now It's Not a Problem!

No one wants to be that person who has to tell someone they missed out on something cool. Now you don't have to. Once a design has been added to your QwirkyGear Spiritstore, it can always be accessed.

Problem solved!

Start Struggling Less!

Running a School Fundraiser is a Real Responsibility That Can Unfortunately Be Abused.

Normal fundraisers require that individuals handle money. Your QwirkyGear Spiritstore Eliminates that risk by providing transparency through sales reports and limiting check recipients to schools and organizations.

Limit Your Risk!

Start Limiting Your Risk!

Your QwirkyGear Spiritstore Earns Your School a Cool 20% on Everything Sold.

24/7, 365 days a year Your QwirkyGear Spiritstore is there earning your school real money.

What need does your school have?

Start Earning More Today!


Who is QwirkyGear?
QwirkyGear is a spiritwear company whose primary mission is to provide as many schools as possible with an ongoing source of fundraising income that they can use to further their own unique education goals.
We accomplish this in 3 ways:
  • First, we provide to any school, regardless of size, including Morrill Elementary School, their own QwirkyGear Spiritstore FREE of charge.
  • Second, we fill each store with high quality t-shirts, sweatshirts & merchandise emblazened with designs and patterns that break from the traditional spiritwear world of boring block letters. We focus on designs that motivate while bringing people together. We also emphasize all types of groups within the school. From team sports, to groups and clubs, to teachers and alumni, everybody is included.
  • Finally, we provide access to customized resources to support the fundraising process. This includes:
    • Customized ad graphics and copy featuring YOUR designs to increase sales.
    • Copy and paste code for adding ads to your website or social media to make it easy for administrators.
    • Custom Group challenge capability get the competitive juices flowing between classes or groups
    • Progress charts for motivating the team.
    • Sales reports for guiding administrators
    • Selling tips and tricks for everyone.
What is a QwirkyGear Spiritstore?
A QwirkyGear Spiritstore is a 24 hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year autopilot fundraising machine developed to positively promote your school. QwirkyGear's cutting edge technology provides a best-in-class user experience at no cost to the school. Every feature of our QwirkyGear Spiritstores is developed to maximized your fundraising while minimizing your effort.
How much does it cost to set up our QwirkyGear Spiritstore?
Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Every QwirkyGear Spiritstore is setup free of charge. You simply provide the information required to create your designs and an address so we know where to send your checks and we create your store. Your store will be available immediately and designs will begin showing up in your store over the next 12-24 hours.
How do we get paid from our online store sales?
When you register and create your online store you will include your payee contact information. The method for receiving commission payments from QwirkyGear is by check. You can track all your sales once you create your FREE QwirkyGear Spiritstore!
Are there any minimum order requirements?
There are no minimum order requirements and no maximum order requirements! You can order one item or a thousand. The choice is yours!
Do we have to carry inventory or sell any products ourselves?
No! Managing inventory and dealing with old items is a thing of the past. We handle the blank merchandise inventory and create each order with your design on demand. All your online store sales are sent to us online and we process every order. We truly do all the work!

About This Spiritstore

Your Morrill Elementary School Spiritstore is a 24 hours-a-day, 365 days-a-year autopilot fundraising machine developed to positively promote your school. QwirkyGear's cutting edge technology provides a best-in-class user experience at no cost to the school. Every feature of your Morrill Elementary School Spiritstore has been developed to maximized your fundraising while minimizing your effort.

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